Goths and Freaks III Shlee Binesi



Tonight as Goths and Freaks III Leather and Lace Held at Club 3D goes down Shlee Binesi is said to make an appearance tonight and mingle amoungst people. The event holds Bondage and Kink themed interests for those who are intouch with their darkside.


Capetian Dynasty Descends and mends Shlee



Born ‘Ashley Brook Delaronde’ Better known as ‘Shlee Binesi’.

Shlee was shocked to find out that her anscestors descend from the Capetian Dynasty ruled by French monarch King’Hugh Capet’ one of the first kings of franks in Paris,France. He ruled from (938 – 996).

Shlee was born to carrying the last name of the woman Hugh Capet had bred into carrying the linage.

Until recent years it was kept hidden knowledge from the Delarondes in hopes of preserving the royal bloodlines of King Hugh Capet.




Shlee Binesi

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Shlee Binesi is known for her creativity and artistic lifestyle.

The depth of who she is and what’s on her mind can be seen in her paintings and heard in her voice. Multi-talented and multitasking. Shlee is an advocate for misunderstood issues regarding the spirit.

Shlee has had many experiences mental health related which seems to affect many highly creative people throughout history and gives her an understanding of others who share similar experiences. Shlee has a blog on where she answer’s an array of questions to anyone. Much of her work can be been on selective social Media sites all over the web.